Fire Escape Mask

XHZLC30 Type Fire Escape Mask. This product allows users to drag on in the fire to protect the head and respiratory system, the effective time of 30 minutes. Easy to wear, 1 minute can be worn correctly. Product safety certification through the ISO9001 and the CE(European Union). Product mix: 1. Being flame-resistant, the anti-high temperature through the bow cap, the reflection and were discovered extremely easily in the scene thick smoke that and is suitable the long hair, the beard, to wearing eyeglasses use 2. The big eye piece, has open field of vision 3. Stainless steel canister 4. Adjustable type of belt buckle 5. Flame-resistant neck wraps made of purified cotton This product to conform to Chinese Ministry of Public Security GA209-1999 technical standard The export model to conform to European Economic Community EN403 technical standard Major technique parameter: Experiment toxic agent Density Protection time XHZLC30 XHZLC40 XHZLC60 HCN 400ppm > 30M >40 >60 CO 2500ppm > 30M >40 >60 HCL 1000ppm > 30M >40 >60