A. Cylinder – types: Steel Cylinder & Carbon Cylinder
The Cylinder Volume is 5L rationed working pressure for 3 volumes are all 300 bar.
Carbon Composite Cylinder: Light weight, big volume and long life time.
B. Cylinder Valve: For opening and closing gas source
-equipped with over-pressure protective diaphragm.
C. Pressure Reducer – Equipped with medium pressure safely valce and residual pressure alarm.
D. Alarm Whistle – Alarming sound not less than 90db to warn the user to escape.
E. Backboard – consist of back supporting, left and right waist belt, left and right shoulder belts.
F. Pressure Gauge – Movable, easy to read clearly at multi-angle, water proof and luminous features.
G. Supply Valve’s Exhalation – supply air to user over 300L / min (40 to 50 min)
H. Full Face Mask – made of silicon rubber, flexible comfortable & fits face well.
I. Breathing Air – the air charged in the cylinder conforms to EN12021 requirement.


Product Inspection Standard:
International Code for Fire Safety Systems & GA 124-2004