Wireless Addressable Heat Detector AW-D604L

wireless addressable heat detector is mainly designed for wireless control system. The detector adopts the fastest response and the most sensitive temperature sensing detector. With wireless network alarm function, it can form a wireless local area network.


Asenware Wireless fire alarm system version features:

  • Maximum number of Analogue Conventional Detector Inputs: 20 detectors each zone
  • Available Options: 4 Zones
  • outputs for Alarm devices: Includes sounder/fire relay/ fault relay
  • Auxiliary resettable power output: 24VDC/ 100mA limiting protection
  • Independent functional buttons with indication: User friendly interface for easy
  • Access levels to enter the panel
  • Fault supervision and notification: inputs, outputs, system, power, earth, fuse
  • Disablement: zones disablement
  • Evacuation: Fire drills to simulate fire alarm condition on panel
  • Silence: sounders and buzzer silence
  • Test: indicators check