Wireless Addressable Strobe Sounder AW-D106W

Wireless Addressable Fire Strobe Sounder is a kind of terminal device for alarm; it is used for the sound and light alarm when fire happens.

Asenware Wireless fire alarm system version features:

  • Maximum number of Analogue Conventional Detector Inputs: 20 detectors each zone
  • Available Options: 4 Zones
  • outputs for Alarm devices: Includes sounder/fire relay/ fault relay
  • Auxiliary resettable power output: 24VDC/ 100mA limiting protection
  • Independent functional buttons with indication: User friendly interface for easy
  • Access levels to enter the panel
  • Fault supervision and notification: inputs, outputs, system, power, earth, fuse
  • Disablement: zones disablement
  • Evacuation: Fire drills to simulate fire alarm condition on panel
  • Silence: sounders and buzzer silence
  • Test: indicators check